Why do I need gutters?

  • Gutters control the flow of water away from your home. Water intrusion is one of the most dangerous problems to your home. Water in dark, damp areas can allow mold to grow, materials to rot, concrete to crack, etc.

What materials do you install?

  • We only install seamless aluminum gutters. Aluminum gutters hold the color longer and will not rust or become brittle. Vinyl gutters may be cheaper, but will fade and become brittle with the weather.

How do you hang the gutter?

  • We use hidden hangers that are screwed into the fascia. We do not install with the spike and ferrules. All of the materials on your home expand and contract at different rates with the weather. The spikes will eventually come loose and will need to be reinstalled before damage is done to the gutter or fascia.

How long will my install take?

  • The vast majority of jobs are completed in less than a day while most are completed in less than half a day.

Why do you recommend 3"x4" downspouts?

  • Most of the gutter repairs we complete are caused by the smaller 2"x3" downspouts. The smaller downs can easily become clogged. Since the downspouts are narrower they drain water slower. Most installers use the smaller downs because they want to save money on materials. The cost upgrade is negligible compared to the cost of the eventual repair.

How many downspouts do I need?

  • In most cases, a home should have a downspout for every 30-40' of gutter. Some homes may require more (or less) depending on the design of the home.

What options do you have for gutter covers?

  • In most instances we recommend the EZ Lock and EZ Under gutter screens. They are made of a durable powder-coated steel mesh that comes with a 5 year manufacturer's limited warranty.